Want  my proven 3 Step Roadmap to Effortless Sales using your Facebook Profile?

Discover how Pedro García Attracts Ready-to-Buy Qualified AF Prospects to Make Effortless Sales

Each Month

(without spending all day long on social media looking for clients,
without using manipulation or fear-based tactics to get a ‘yes’,

and without sending cold DMs)

Dear Parentpreneur,

Hi! I'm Pedro García and my mission is that you spend more time with you and your loved ones, and not in the business.
Because when I was a kid, I couldn’t help my single mom, spend more time with me and be more present to raise me, and take her business off the ground.
As you can imagine, being a single mom with a job, caring for her unwell dad, and starting a new business had a price.
After surviving her near death experience with Multiple Sclerosis, and a decade of prosperity, her competitors came with the lowest pricing and leverage from bigger companies... and my mom had to close her business.

Not only my mom's business closed...

When I was a teen I saw my dad’s, uncle, and grandpa’s business close too.
That changed the way I saw businesses forever.

That's why I decided to help parents attract ready-to-buy & Qualified AF Prospects to Make Effortless Sales

Without sending cold DMs,
Without spending all day long on social media looking for clients, and
Without using manipulation and fear-based tactics to get a "yes"

Using what I like to call

Freedom Marketing

Why not doing things the old way?

because there is another way...

The Old Paradigm

The New Paradigm

Why I don't believe in positioning yourself as an expert anymore?

Because your audience doesn't need and want your authority to like and trust you... they just need your empathy, compassion, love, and care.

I believe there is something 10X more powerful than brands

After hundreds of hours of inner work, working with mentors, and doing my own research I found out that…
It’s not about me.
It’s about my audience
A Personal Brand by definition is about OURselves.
In other words, brands are EGOcentric.
So I started to study those who didn’t use their personal brand EGOcentrically and instead I chose the mission to make their audience believe in themselves
Using a unique message.
I learned from those who inspire, lead, and become a… MOVEMENT.

Is posting daily still a great strategy?

When I studied, listened, and ultimately understood my audience, I just needed to talk about something more than what sticks in their minds, and aim to talk about what really touches their hearts and souls
That made them rave way more, and I could take a couple days off to plan the next content or take a break.
Posting daily is still optional, but it certainly can feel like being a slave to the social media platform of your choice.
And we want Freedom, not self-slavery.

Why I don't send cold DMs?

First because when I did it for a couple weeks I got ignored and blocked, and I got my account blocked really fast.
I was doing everything I learned from that expensive High Ticket Program... that only made rich the "coach" who sold it to us.
Second, because I don't know anyone who loves cold-outreach, or being pitched in their DMs without taking the time to really know the person first.
And because when I started to get acknowledgment for my new approach, my audience was way more open to pay me to help them.

Your 12-Week-Program is the reason why you are not making enough money

Because the reason why 97% of the entrepreneurs are not making money is because they are only promoting a High Ticket Offer.
Neglecting that only 3% of their audience can afford it, and the rest that are open to receive help from them are let down.

This is why I don't believe in fear-based & manipulation tactics anymore...

I believe most entrepreneurs are using manipulation & fear-based tactics against their will, because they don't know how to Attract ready-to-buy & Qualified AF Prospects without them. Therefore, when I bought my first program without feeling anxious and feeling relieved AF knowing that I made the conscious choice to get it, I knew I wanted to learn how to do it. And since 2022 after 70 sales I haven't relied in any of those tactics anymore.

Freebies & Lead Magnets to get leads that never buy?

If you have done this, you know how it feels creating freebie after freebie that brings little to none prospects. And when it does workthey rarely or never purchase... 

Email Sequences that beg for a purchase?

How many times you've heard that after sending a Freebie or Lead Magnet you have to send a series of emails to promote your High Ticket Offer... and has that ever worked at all for you? How many emails is the right number? And what if they open only one of them, is the subject line wrong? is the copy wrong? Which one should I fix? Should I bring new leads? How do I convert the ones that I already got?

I believe all of the above is not Attraction Marketing,

to me is Distraction Marketing...

And what is it really distracting you from?

R = from the next Rockstar you can impact

COVID changed the whole game

Like many of you, my mentor told me that the best way to promote my online business was using my Personal Brand thinking: 

"I want people to see me, hear me, understand me, acknowledge me, promote me, and appreciate me. I want people to hang out with me. I want people to believe in me."

When I stopped being EGOcentric and became PEOPLEcentric I learned that....

"People want to feel seen, heard, understood, acknowledged, promoted, and appreciated"

Brands are EGOcentric


As a result of becoming PEOPLEcentric, in less than 90 days, I realized that:

  • I don't have to post every day to make more sales,
  • People in my audience reach out to me asking for help,
  • People in my audience ask me how they can support my MOVEMENT,
  • People in my audience promote my offers,
  • People in my audience invite me to meet their audience,
  • They use my language to inspire their audience,
  • They share their success stories with me, and
  • They are learning to love themselves more and others.

and If i could do it, so can you!

ok, ok, ok... 

Now they know you, like you, and trust you,

and then what?

Now it makes sense for them to talk with you in DMs or in a Call to find out if they are going to be your next:
  1. 1
    client, because they want your help
  2. 2
    business partner, because they want to join forces with you
  3. 3
    host, because they want to introduce you to their audience
  4. 4
    guest, because you want to introduce them to your audience
  5. 5
    friend or loved one, because they like and care for you
Those are what I like to call The 5 Meaningful Connections
97% of online entrepreneurs are not making money because they are only promoting an active offer that trades time for money, that only 3% of their audience can afford.


but this is a business,

where is the money?

The money can be manifested through: clients, affiliates, partnerships, collaborations, and in unexpected ways, using:

Freedom Offers: that only 3% of your audience can afford, and generate your active income.

Link Offers: that 97% of your audience can afford, that generate your passive income.

And all of that WITHOUT:

Spending All Day Long on Social Media looking for clients.

Manipulation or Fear-Based tactics to close a sale, or

Upsetting your prospects Sending Cold DMs.

And yes... you can get instant access to all of that, today.

inside the


But First,

A Warning
Before we go further, let me make something abundantly clear:
This isn't one of those “overnight online business success" gimmicks that promises you the world for doing nothing.
Here's the deal...
In this full access, on-demand membership, you are going to develop the three new skills that will help you Attract Ready-to-Buy & Qualified AF Prospects to Make Effortless Sales Each Month.
This is working great for me and my students... and I believe it can help you too.
However, my results are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them because each business, offer, and clientele are way different.
What I can guarantee is that you will be the one your audience will remember because...
Just imagine yourself
being the only one
that is not using manipulation tactics to make them become your clients, the only one who is not upsetting them with a cold outreach approach, and the only one who is not spending all her time, energy, and money on social media chasing them to become your next client.
But If you're not willing to accept that and do some work,
With that said… let me ask...
How Do You Really Feel With All The Information That's Out There?
I know when I started my third Online Business adventure 6 years ago and tried to Attract Ready-to-Buy & Qualified AF Prospects
I was lost.
I didn’t know what to do!
There are so many blogs, courses, podcasts, videos, and websites out there that teach specific Attraction Marketing tactics.
Everything from getting online courses to make more sales using Facebook Ads, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, Sales Funnels, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email Sequences promising overnight success... plus everything in between.
How do you know which strategies are right for you?
How do you know what Attraction Marketing solution to buy?
How do you know what's "actually" working for building an Online Business today?
And how do you know what order to do all the strategies so that they will actually work to help you make more sales?
It’s hard to figure all of this Attraction Marketing stuff out from scratch!
For that reason, I created The Freedom Marketing Roadmap so that you can follow the three steps that it takes to close an Effortless Sale.

The Freedom Marketing Roadmap

and all you have to do is follow the three steps inside
When you enroll, I will give you full access to the following trainings:
Because all MOVEMENTS become brands and not all brands inspire MOVEMENTS!
Your Freedom MESSAGE & The 7 Elements of The Experience
Get invited to podcasts as a guest by sharing The Four Elements of your Freedom Message
Let your next clients hire you when they listen to your Freedom Message
Let doubtful prospects feel interested to get your help with your Freedom Message
Be INSTANTLY differentiated and positioned by sharing your Freedom Message
Your audience will join your MOVEMENT once you share with them The 7 Elements of The MOVEMENT Experience!
Become the MOVEMENT
Get the Clarity and Peace of Mind and Soul to inspire your Next MOVEMENT
DECONDITION all your limiting beliefs to write down your own Future Self MANIFESTO
Fine Tune the Leader to inspire your next MOVEMENT!
Because the sale is never more important than the person in front of you!
Calls With Qualified AF Prospects 5 Day BOOTCAMP!
Advanced Foundation Training
Conversation Strategy Template
Because the our time and energy doesn't have to be the cost of our freedom!
The Missing Link Strategy
The Freedom Offer
The Freedom Checklist
Exclusive Interview with Best-Selling Amazon Author on Manifestation
The Effortless Sale Membership is not for everyone!
It's Specifically Designed for those parents who want to Attract Ready-to-Buy & Qualified AF Prospects & Make Effortless Sales Each Month WITHOUT spending all day long on social media looking for clients, WITHOUT using manipulation or fear-based tactics to get a ‘yes’, and WITHOUT upsetting their prospects sending cold DMs!
After you apply my tactics, you'll be able to simply repeat the process to create the level of Business Success you want on demand.
When you become a member...

Once you become a member of The Effortless Sale Membership you'll never look your Online Business the same way ever again.
It really is that powerful!
It's all laid out for you in plain English.

There's no sugar-coating, no beating around the bush, and no B.S.
I like to teach with clarity by making it simple for you.
I have not only taken my life's work of tested experiments with building an Online Business and documented it for you, but I have put everything into a step-by-step process that I use on a daily basis you can use it to Attract Ready-to-Buy & Qualified AF Prospects to Make Effortless Sales Each Month.
But don’t take my words.
Look at what other Rockstar Students say.

Pedro always brings so much more than you expect, is not only coaching or the help you need to follow the right path, but the advice, inspiration, support and guide that comes even if you don't expect or know you need it. Pedro is entirely open, original, passionate, and full of amazing creativity and power.

Fabiola Verber,
Psychotherapist Healing Women's Sex Energy

The one on one time, effort, and value Pedro brings into my business is always lifting. Pedro finds ways of working that clicks with me, shares his network for the parts that are important for me now, and shows tactical tips to make things work. As a coach he helps me think about my business in a way no one did before. Pedro is a passionate coach for helping you transition from a day job to the life of an entrepreneur.

Maurice Zondag,
Coach, Author, and TED Talker

I can't believe how focused you got me today! I am so much clear in who I want to talk to. The clearing showed up today is American Airlines contacted me and asked me if I could do training session with one of their executives. Pedro you are magic!

Laura Schakosky,
Transformational and Spiritual Leader

Pedro, guess what? I go my first coaching client today just after our first session. And that's all because of you, your tips and tweaks but above all because you believed in me 100%. Thank you to heaven and back.

Jasmina Jazz,
Relationships Expert

In the beginning of my coaching business I was stuck. I had a couple of clients but that was it. I was waking up every day working my ass off but i wasn't able to book more clients.

Then a coach jumped into my inbox, Pedro.

He was a total stranger, but his communication was smooth and I agreed to jump on a call with him.

I said: "I want to try and do some new things on my own before working with another coach."

He said: "But you are going to do the same approach Katerina" he replied, "and you are going to have the same results."

That was it, I started working with him and in two weeks I 10x my investment.

Katerina Panopoulou,
Artists Coach

Pedro, we quit our jobs and launched our new business the same day we started your program and six weeks later we have twenty new contracts closed. We are pretty sure that without your help we will have way less contracts closed. You are for real. Thank you for everything!

Horlando and Farid Chávez,
Drywall Experts

Since I hired Pedro I went from 1.5K USD to 15K USD a month. The first video Facebook Ad we launched with Pedro's help got more than a Million Views. At the beginning of COVID I re-hired him because I was so nervous to lose my business and after the first three months working with him, we could double our income

Elizabeth Alonso,
Automotive Parts Business Owner

After applying what I learned in the first day I closed the highest sale of my business, and one month later, I tripled my sales and closed my first six-figure deal.

Rubén Aguirre,
PhD. in Foods & Beverages

It took us around six hours appointments to enroll close a sale. Now we close sales in one hour. Pedro's teachings helped us launch a business during COVID with profits and without having to sacrifice our family and kids for money, time and energy

Darío and María del Carmen,
Beauty Consultants

A family friend reached out for help I used the lessons I learned from Pedro's book on conversations. And once I replied they accepted my price. Later I joined Pedro's subscription program plus messenger service. It's been super valuable having Pedro's personalized help through messenger the moment when I needed it. I learned so much quicker & in real time. I felt very supported and have moved forward faster than expected, whilst managing life, kids, etc. Pedro has a beautiful heart, a high vibe & genuinely want us to succeed. Thank you Pedro's for sharing your knowledge & expertise and making it so easy for me. I appreciate you!

Nicole Tracey,
Freedom Leader

Pedro and I were connected in Facebook for around a year, but I always thought I couldn't afford his help. We jumped on a conversation and a few weeks later he launched his membership. Since the first month of working with him I made my first sale as an affiliate. 

And I have been making sales without having to close them personally every month ever since.

Now I am inspiring a MOVEMENT with confidence

I used to go to bed at 1 am every day doing Social Media work, now I am able to go to the park with my kids.

Frances Durakovic,
Immigrant-Preneurs Empowerer

Want more reach?
Okay Pedro, I'm Ready!
If you want to get results...

The only option that includes my exclusive one-on-one attention and care

One-on-One support




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Get full access to my proven,

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  • Instant Access to From Brands To MOVEMENTS
  • Full Access to Meaningful Connections
  • Instant Access to Effortless Sales
  • Price will never go up for you 
  • The Easy Viral TikTok To First 1K Followers Formula 
  • Monthly UPDATES of all the trainings
NEW Private Podcast:
Freedom Marketing Secrets 
The Lost Chapter
Studio Quality Audio
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We are here for them.
We don’t believe nor rely on manipulation to sell our products.
Before you purchase something from us, you have the chance to decide if it fits your needs.
The parents we want to make business with have an abundance mindset.
The parents we want to make business with believe we are a safe option to share, grow, and learn.
The parents we want to make business with are open to our calls when they have reached out to us looking for support so that we can help them with their inquiries.
The parents we want to make business with are open to receiving emails from us with a solution we consider fits their inquires best.
The moms we want to make business with are open to waiting no more than 48 hours to receive a reply from us.
Our products are not solely for moms, anyone can buy our products and The Support Team Creed applies the same. We have the mission to help a billion moms around the world first because when Pedro García was a kid, he couldn’t help his mom take her business off the ground.
We love giving our prospects The Power of Choice because we value long-term relationships.After your purchase please do look in your Principal, Promotions, Junk, or Spam email folders before reaching out to us.
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We offer advice based on the results and experience we have gotten over time.We offer advice based on the results and experience our clients have gotten over time.
Since you chose to buy our products and we didn’t rely on manipulation to make you say Yes to us, we don’t offer refunds on any of our products.
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