Copy & Paste the Codes to Ignite the Desire to Hire You in  your message...

"without using the old manipulative, sneaky, annoying, N.L.P.ed, false scarcity, fear-based  marketing approach."

Why an ‘aligned message ignites 7x more’ desire to hire you than the manipulative, sneaky, annoying, N.L.P.ed, false scarcity, fear-based, marketing approach
and builds long lasting, and safe relationships with your clients without upsetting them.
It’s not secret that people are sick and tired of being manipulated, but they are buying every day.
Last year I discovered a group of experts using “copy & paste” codes to craft aligned messages
This is how they are able to find the inspiration, know what to say, target their audience, justify their value, and have the control to craft an aligned message, that make their prospects say Hell Yaaas!...
...creating content that is 7x more effective and attractive to their audience
releasing the mental pressure of figuring out what to post, and 
... releasing the physical pressure to show up every day in social media.
These Codes of Desire help coaches, speakers, freelancers, experts, and whoever uses words to help others.
I personally increased my sales by 300% in a couple months without posting anything in my feed and only
sharing in my stories what I’ve been doingevery now and thenby just copying & pasting some aligned codes in my message.
It’s so much easier to just copy & paste some codes to craft an aligned message...
...from a place of peace, relief, joy, and detachment...
than from a place of anxiety, scarcity, and fear...
That’s why inside my now revealed Masterclass called The 9 Codes of Desire...
Inside the Masterclass
you will be able to:
  • Ignite a safe Hell-Yaaas!-impulse inside your prospects to hire you
  • Discover your strengths and identify which of The 9 Codes of Desire will attract more ready-to-buy prospects
  • Know how you use the codes that do not belong to your strengths and still attract ready-to-buy prospects
  • Master why an aligned message is 7x more powerful than a manipulative message
  • Avoid upsetting your prospects using a safe approach instead of looking like "a needy salesperson who makes false promises"
  • Release the mental pressure of wondering if your content is going to attract ready-to-buy prospects
  • Use the right language to ignite desire, from a safe place, without using manipulation tactics
  • Know what to say to justify your value, to be recognized, and have the control in your aligned message
  • Target your audience from a place of alignment, and not from a place of manipulation, to make people feel safe around you
  • Find the inspiration, to create aligned messages, offers, and pieces of content, instantly from the complete library
  • Release the physical pressure of having to show up everyday with new content on social media
Besides the Masterclass, you will also get access to:
  • The Full PDF Library of The 9 Codes of Desire
  • How to talk to the 3 Types of Niches
  • How to talk to your audience that needs your coaching program 
  • How to talk to your audience that needs your online course
  • Each code is fully customizable so that you can craft a unique aligned message
  • You can re-utilize the codes to target a different audience
  • You can re-utilize the codes to promote a new offer
Access the Live Masterclass + Full Library just for $77 here
  • You will get access to the Ask Me Anything Session right after the Live Masterclass! 
  • The next day you will be able to access the recordings of the Masterclass, and also
  • You will get access to the recording of the A.M.A. Session
You can get The 9 Codes of Desire + The Full Library + A.MA. Session + 2 Recordings
just for $77 here


We believe that out of all online entrepreneurs, moms are the underdogs.

We are here for them.

We don’t believe nor rely on manipulation to sell our products.

Before you purchase something from us, you have the chance to decide if it fits your needs. 

The moms we want to make business with have an abundance mindset.

The moms we want to make business with believe we are a safe option to share, grow, and learn.

The moms we want to make business with are open to our calls when they have reached out to us looking for support so that we can help them with their inquiries.

The moms we want to make business with are open to receiving emails from us with a solution we consider fits their inquires best.

The moms we want to make business with are open to waiting no more than 48 hours to receive a reply from us.

Our products are not solely for moms, anyone can buy our products and The Support Team Creed applies the same. 

We have the mission to help a billion moms around the world first because when Pedro García was a kid, he couldn’t help his mom take her business off the ground.

We love giving our prospects The Power of Choice because we value long-term relationships.

After your purchase please do look in your Principal, Promotions, Junk, or Spam email folders before reaching out to us.

If you still can’t find your products there, once you have sent an email to we will send a new password, and the login link so that you can access your purchases right away.

In case we haven’t heard from you we will reach out to you by phone, email, or messenger to assist you further, three times.

We can’t guarantee specific results from each of our purchases, since we don’t have control over how you implement in your business and in your life, the tools, books, any product that you get from us.

We offer advice based on the results and experience we have gotten over time.

We offer advice based on the results and experience our clients have gotten over time.

Since you chose to buy our products and we didn’t rely on manipulation to make you say Yes to us, we don’t offer refunds on any of our products.

Since our products are based on downloads and you can consume them right away, we don’t offer refunds on any of our products.

Because you get your access details to them, we don’t offer refunds on any of our products.

If you are here looking for a refund policy, it looks like it’s important for you to get a refund.

And if that’s the case please stop, and ask yourself, what makes it important for you to get a refund?

Much ❤️ Rockstar.

Relish the moment.

The Support Team of The Purple Backpack