Effortless Sale



"There is no need to struggle more to make your next sale."

Pedro García

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who believes its safe to go after their desires
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to use fear, scarcity, and manipulation to close sales
  • Anyone who have tried freebies, lead magnets, email sequences, sales pages, irresistible offers, fake scarcity, and countdown timers without any solid results
  • Anyone who is ready to learn,  unleash, and embody their Genetic Power
  • Anyone who is willing to make Effortless Sales in only three steps

Because I believe...

> it's safe to love what you do

> its safe for you to be passionate

> it's safe to be bold

> it's safe to be seen, heard, and loved by your audience

I live by believing...

it's safe to want a life full of joy, time and energy to spend with the ones you love

it's safe to not having to jump on a call to close every sale

it's safe to receive money while you sleep

it's safe to embrace and appreciate the version of you who struggled and embody the version of you who succeeds because its already is inside of you!

it’s safe to unleash your genetic power!

Hi, my name is Pedro.

After four years of struggling with freebies, lead magnets, email sequences, sales pages, irresistible offers, fake scarcity, word of mouth to get clients, and later with paid ads… 

In 2019 I got a blackout and couldn't breathe for 3 minutes due to pulmonary thromboembolism which made me stop for months without having enough money to keep paying for ads to promote my business. 

In 2020 I hired a high ticket "business coach" to learn how to make sales using my Facebook Profile.

That coach scammed me and all my peers, and in a few weeks, I got my Facebook account blocked following that coach’s tactics (such as sending spammy and cold DMs).

A few months later after COVID hit my treatment got more expensive because it's the same treatment people with COVID use to heal. 

With all of that I knew one thing

If that scammer was making sales online,
I knew I could do that without scamming my clients. 

I have to admit… 

At that time all I knew to make sales was using fear, manipulation, and scarcity…

But it never felt right for me.

I got burnout, overwhelmed, and was living in anxiety all the time.
I got overweight, again... 
and my body got numbed without having the energy to perform at my highest level

That's when I met my first Spiritual Mentor…

I learned to be still, and to love myself in stillness, enjoying life without worrying about the money or the lack of clients. 

A month later I was introduced to a system that combines ancient and modern wisdom such as biogenetics, quantum mechanics, and neuroscience, to help each other understand their unique genetic type and inner power to unleash the freedom inside of them.

A month later my life started to change, my business started to grow, and the money has been coming ever since.
I created and launched my first best-selling offer to date, and I live the Freedom Lifestyle helping my clients make Effortless Sales... 

Without having to even jump on calls to close them…
Without using freebies, 
email sequences,
landing pages,
one-time-only offers,
sales pages,
countdown timers,
fake scarcity...
Without sending cold DMs,
Without spending all day long on social media looking for clients, and
Without using manipulation and fear-based tactics to get a "yes"

Now my clients, spend more joy, time, and energy with their loved ones without shame, guilt, or worry.

Using what
I like to call

Freedom Marketing

Why not doing things the old way?

because there is another way...

The Old Paradigm

The New Paradigm

Effortless Sale



What is it and what's inside?

Is a cancel anytime membership where you will find the systems I have created to help you make your next Effortless Sale in three steps.

Helping you ditch what no longer serves you and is costing you money that you could be earning instead.

Helping you follow your passion without sacrificing the joy, energy, time, and money you could be spending with your loved ones.

The live version is a 4 Monthly Workshop Calls Schedule

were I guide you with the Rockstar Gang in developing the following skills:

2nd Monday - Workshop Call 1 - 11 AM CST: Unleash your Genetic Power

2nd Monday - Workshop Call 2 - 05 PM CST: Inspire your next MOVEMENT on Facebook or TikTok

4th Monday - Workshop Call 3 - 11 AM CST: Calls With Qualified AF Prospects

4th Monday - Workshop Call 4 - 05 PM CST: Freedom Offers

Unleash your Genetic Power

In this breakthrough sessions I will guide you to learn how to interpret, understand, and EMBODY the most important elements in your Human Design Type and your Gene Keys Profile.

To know how to make the right decisions in your life, write content that makes your audience feel safe to buy from you, help you know your true life purpose to be everlasting motivated, and knowing if you are walking the path that is honoring your Genetic Power or not.

Honoring your Genetic Power impacts massively your relationship with money, with love, and your business.

And in a core deeper level, it impacts your health, making you feel revitalize, and renewed.

You will be surrounded by a group of Rockstars on a similar journey.

Inspire your next MOVEMENT

In this container I am guiding you through the elements that make all MOVEMENTS become brands (and not all brands inspire MOVEMENTS).

You will know how to keep your audience engaged, and wanting to receive your next content so that they can feel safe to take the next step in their lives with you.

Become the next Rockstar guest in podcasts, live shows, and invitations to be introduced to new audiences to expand your reach.

The Easy Viral TikTok Formula

I am guiding you through the process of how I went from 0 to 10K Followers in the first 5 Days since I published my first TikTok video.

Only a month after not posting every single week, my account got 50K+ followers.

Every other week I post a video that goes viral.

When I felt ready to launch an offer, the next day I started receiving money from new clients on TikTok.

Against all the current believes about TikTok, you’ll learn how to make Effortless Sales using short videos, without posting everyday, without dancing, or using trends.

Calls with Qualified AF Prospects

It’s the Step by Step Audio Bootcamp I created to guide you through the most efficient way I’ve found to use your Facebook Profile to make Effortless Sales, without getting blocked (like I did following Old Marketing Paradigm tactics).

This system is how I closed my first $10K USD sale in three steps.

It includes the template of my best selling 5DMs To First $10K Method.

Freedom Offers

Is a fun container where I guide you through the process of creating the offers that will give your clients the Freedom they are Craving for while giving you the Freedom you want to keep serving them.

This is the container where you will finally feel like there are more ways to make money in the online world beyond the one-on-one help, or the High Ticket Offers like the Old Paradigm Marketers have made us believe.

When you create Freedom Offers, all you can expect is Effortless Sales, and some become Presentless Sales.

Because it’s okay to not jumping on a call to make money.

What's NEW!

The Freedom Marketing Secrets Private Podcast

Contains all the self-discoveries, updates and downloads I receive to make the Three Steps Funnel Strategy Effortless, and includes the following Chapters:

  • The Effortless Sale Funnel
  • Easy Viral TikTok Formula
  • Inspired Rants
  • Coaching Certification Breakthroughs

In the Making and will be released once finished:

The Niche Finder Ultra

And all of that and more
without investing High Ticket…

But don’t take my words.
Look at what other Rockstar Students say.

Pedro always brings so much more than you expect, is not only coaching or the help you need to follow the right path, but the advice, inspiration, support and guide that comes even if you don't expect or know you need it. Pedro is entirely open, original, passionate, and full of amazing creativity and power.

Fabiola Verber,
Psychotherapist Healing Women's Sex Energy

The one on one time, effort, and value Pedro brings into my business is always lifting. Pedro finds ways of working that clicks with me, shares his network for the parts that are important for me now, and shows tactical tips to make things work. As a coach he helps me think about my business in a way no one did before. Pedro is a passionate coach for helping you transition from a day job to the life of an entrepreneur.

Maurice Zondag,
Coach, Author, and TED Talker

I can't believe how focused you got me today! I am so much clear in who I want to talk to. The clearing showed up today is American Airlines contacted me and asked me if I could do training session with one of their executives. Pedro you are magic!

Laura Schakosky,
Transformational and Spiritual Leader

Pedro, guess what? I go my first coaching client today just after our first session. And that's all because of you, your tips and tweaks but above all because you believed in me 100%. Thank you to heaven and back.

Jasmina Jazz,
Relationships Expert

In the beginning of my coaching business I was stuck. I had a couple of clients but that was it. I was waking up every day working my ass off but i wasn't able to book more clients.

Then a coach jumped into my inbox, Pedro.

He was a total stranger, but his communication was smooth and I agreed to jump on a call with him.

I said: "I want to try and do some new things on my own before working with another coach."

He said: "But you are going to do the same approach Katerina" he replied, "and you are going to have the same results."

That was it, I started working with him and in two weeks I 10x my investment.

Katerina Panopoulou,
Artists Coach

Pedro, we quit our jobs and launched our new business the same day we started your program and six weeks later we have twenty new contracts closed. We are pretty sure that without your help we will have way less contracts closed. You are for real. Thank you for everything!

Horlando and Farid Chávez,
Drywall Experts

Since I hired Pedro I went from 1.5K USD to 15K USD a month. The first video Facebook Ad we launched with Pedro's help got more than a Million Views. At the beginning of COVID I re-hired him because I was so nervous to lose my business and after the first three months working with him, we could double our income

Elizabeth Alonso,
Automotive Parts Business Owner

After applying what I learned in the first day I closed the highest sale of my business, and one month later, I tripled my sales and closed my first six-figure deal.

Rubén Aguirre,
PhD. in Foods & Beverages

It took us around six hours appointments to enroll close a sale. Now we close sales in one hour. Pedro's teachings helped us launch a business during COVID with profits and without having to sacrifice our family and kids for money, time and energy

Darío and María del Carmen,
Beauty Consultants

A family friend reached out for help I used the lessons I learned from Pedro's book on conversations. And once I replied they accepted my price. Later I joined Pedro's subscription program plus messenger service. It's been super valuable having Pedro's personalized help through messenger the moment when I needed it. I learned so much quicker & in real time. I felt very supported and have moved forward faster than expected, whilst managing life, kids, etc. Pedro has a beautiful heart, a high vibe & genuinely want us to succeed. Thank you Pedro's for sharing your knowledge & expertise and making it so easy for me. I appreciate you!

Nicole Tracey,
Freedom Leader

Pedro and I were connected in Facebook for around a year, but I always thought I couldn't afford his help. We jumped on a conversation and a few weeks later he launched his membership. Since the first month of working with him I made my first sale as an affiliate. 

And I have been making sales without having to close them personally every month ever since.

Now I am inspiring a MOVEMENT with confidence

I used to go to bed at 1 am every day doing Social Media work, now I am able to go to the park with my kids.

Frances Durakovic,
Immigrant-Preneurs Empowerer

Want more reach?
Okay Pedro,
I'm Ready!

The only option that includes my exclusive one-on-one attention and care

One-on-One support




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The Lost Chapter
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  • Instant Access to From Brands To MOVEMENTS
  • Full Access to Meaningful Connections
  • Instant Access to Effortless Sales
  • Price will never go up for you 
  • The Easy Viral TikTok To First 1K Followers Formula 
  • Monthly UPDATES of all the trainings
NEW Private Podcast:
Freedom Marketing Secrets 
The Lost Chapter
Studio Quality Audio
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