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Pedro always brings so much more than you expect, is not only coaching or the help you need to follow the right path, but the advice, inspiration, support and guide that comes even if you don't expect or know you need it. Pedro is entirely open, original, passionate, and full of amazing creativity and power.

Fabiola Verber,
Psychotherapist Healing Women's Sex Energy

The one on one time, effort, and value Pedro brings into my business is always lifting. Pedro finds ways of working that clicks with me, shares his network for the parts that are important for me now, and shows tactical tips to make things work. As a coach he helps me think about my business in a way no one did before. Pedro is a passionate coach for helping you transition from a day job to the life of an entrepreneur.

Maurice Zondag,
Coach, Author, and TED Talker

I can't believe how focused you got me today! I am so much clear in who I want to talk to. The clearing showed up today is American Airlines contacted me and asked me if I could do training session with one of their executives. Pedro you are magic!

Laura Schakosky,
Transformational and Spiritual Leader

Pedro, guess what? I go my first coaching client today just after our first session. And that's all because of you, your tips and tweaks but above all because you believed in me 100%. Thank you to heaven and back.

Jasmina Jazz,
Relationships Expert

In the beginning of my coaching business I was stuck. I had a couple of clients but that was it. I was waking up every day working my ass off but i wasn't able to book more clients.

Then a coach jumped into my inbox, Pedro.

He was a total stranger, but his communication was smooth and I agreed to jump on a call with him.

I said: "I want to try and do some new things on my own before working with another coach."

He said: "But you are going to do the same approach Katerina" he replied, "and you are going to have the same results."

That was it, I started working with him and in two weeks I 10x my investment.

Katerina Panopoulou,
Artists Coach

Pedro, we quit our jobs and launched our new business the same day we started your program and six weeks later we have twenty new contracts closed. We are pretty sure that without your help we will have way less contracts closed. You are for real. Thank you for everything!

Horlando and Farid Chávez,
Drywall Experts

Since I hired Pedro I went from 1.5K USD to 15K USD a month. The first video Facebook Ad we launched with Pedro's help got more than a Million Views. At the beginning of COVID I re-hired him because I was so nervous to lose my business and after the first three months working with him, we could double our income

Elizabeth Alonso,
Automotive Parts Business Owner

After applying what I learned in the first day I closed the highest sale of my business, and one month later, I tripled my sales and closed my first six-figure deal.

Rubén Aguirre,
PhD. in Foods & Beverages

It took us around six hours appointments to enroll close a sale. Now we close sales in one hour. Pedro's teachings helped us launch a business during COVID with profits and without having to sacrifice our family and kids for money, time and energy

Darío and María del Carmen,
Beauty Consultants

A family friend reached out for help I used the lessons I learned from Pedro's book on conversations. And once I replied they accepted my price. Later I joined Pedro's subscription program plus messenger service. It's been super valuable having Pedro's personalized help through messenger the moment when I needed it. I learned so much quicker & in real time. I felt very supported and have moved forward faster than expected, whilst managing life, kids, etc. Pedro has a beautiful heart, a high vibe & genuinely want us to succeed. Thank you Pedro's for sharing your knowledge & expertise and making it so easy for me. I appreciate you!

Nicole Tracey,
Freedom Leader

Pedro and I were connected in Facebook for around a year, but I always thought I couldn't afford his help. We jumped on a conversation and a few weeks later he launched his membership.

Since the first month of working with him I made my first sale as an affiliate. And I have been making sales without having to close them personally every month ever since. 

 Now I am inspiring a MOVEMENT with confidence.

I used to go to bed at 1 am every day doing Social Media work, now I am able to go to the park with my kids.

Frances Durakovic,
Empowering Immigrant-Preneurs