Discover your Mompreneur's Superpower Strategy!

AND GET ACCESS TO the steps that will give you THE TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM building a business from home without the Mama-Guilt!


The Duomom Superpower Strategy Card that I downloaded after I took the quiz fit my personality just right. I was pleasantly surprised and loved reading the details on using my Superpower personality in business to attract people and make money! I'm impressed with the quiz Pedro has created and had fun learning more about myself!

Belen Lowery

Okay. Just WOW! This is, by far, THE BEST QUIZ I've ever taken. Not only was the result in me to a tee, but the template is everything! A complete plan on how to strategize my business based on my energy and personality. So much detail, so many nuggets. Above any of my expectations, and I was already expecting a lot from Pedro. Pedro, you nailed it! Absolutely adore this and a total must-have for all mompreneurs that want to combine a business with motherhood.

Petra Maria

It turns out I'm introvert and extrovert, and I was really shocked as I was reading that, actually. But it made total sense to me after I thought about it. And the points about my superpowers were crazy in point!
I had a few coaches in the past, and they all have been like: "You need to do this, you need to do that." Even if it's something that totally doesn't suit my personality, I know we need to leave our comfort zone to make things happen, but do we really need to try to be someone completely different?!
That's why I like what you do with your quiz.

Nadine Arno

I’m an online coach, and before taking The Purple Backpack Quiz, I’d been feeling frustrated about finding and engaging my audience.

I spent a lot of time and energy I didn’t have, trying to figure out how to find my people, what content to create to engage them, and often connecting with the wrong people.

That led to me doing a lot of free coaching and creating a lot of educational content.

Pedro helped me understand where to focus my energy to find my perfect clients and connect with them. And then how to really monetize my skills while taking back my most important asset. My time! Now, I’m using my time more effectively, so I have time for my family and the time I need to take care of myself, so I can really show up for the clients that need me. And it’s just the beginning!

Rachelle Foss

"The essence of strategy is choosing what not do do." 

Prof. Michael Porter.

All my coaches coincide that TIME is the most valuable asset that we have as entrepreneurs.

Although, in my experience, since 2016, I met a different type of entrepreneur.

The Mompreneur.

(Me and my Mompreneur)

For the Mompreneurtime is at least three times more valuable.

Raising a family is the most demanding job that there is.

That's why a Mompreneur needs to do all of what an entrepreneur does, but smarter.

To be a Mompreneur requires a lot of time and the best quality of energy.

That is why Moms don't have the privilege to waste them.

What's the challenge?

That today, most online training is generalized for the entrepreneurignoring that there are at least three types of Mompreneurs.

This causes the tired, determined Mompreneur to end up stagnant after she invests in (more information) another online training. 

Each of the three types of Mompreneur needs to focus on specific tasks to create the best strategy for her Superpower.

I know that because as a son of a Mompreneur, I asked God for clarity in my life, back in 2016. 

He put me in front of a Mompreneur, then another, and today I am privileged to have helped at least a hundred.

And although all Mompreneurs are sheroes in my book, they are all unique!

The Solution...

This quiz aims to give the Tired, Determined Mompreneurs access to the STEPS that will give them the TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM building a business from home without the Mama-Guilt!

What is your Mompreneur's Superpower Strategy?

The energy of the mind is the essence of life. Aristotle.